Located in north central Florida, just a few miles east of Gainesville and “Gator Country”,   we are surrounded on all sides by timberlands.  Deer, turkey, eagles and many other varieties of wildlife are our closest neighbors.

The creamery lies at the heart of our all Jersey dairy.  Nancy, who is fourth generation dairy, moved with her family to Florida from Wisconsin.  Her family operated a small, mostly Holstein dairy, for many years.  Nancy and I moved back to Florida and began dairying in 1976.

Wishing to become a grazing operation, we made the shift to Jersey cows in 1996.  The “little brown cow” is such a pleasure to own and work with.  They truly are part of our family.  They really do seem to love their “people”.

For years we thought about bottling our own milk or making ice cream before we decided to make artisan cheeses.  The decision came after meeting other cheese makers and visiting other farms.  We thought, “we can do this”!  I designed the plant and we began construction in April 2009.  Less than a year later we began making cheese.  We hired a New England cheese maker to show us how to use our new Dutch made vat and press and we were on our way!  We began with Gouda and Havarti, and have now added Baby Swiss and Tomme.  We plan to expand our line as we learn and as the market demands.

We certainly hope you will try our cheeses and find them as unique and delicious as we do.

Thanks so much for your interest and support thus far!

John and Nancy Mims