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  1. Enjoyed your cheese for the first time at Pearl in the Grove, really, really good! Was neat to learn you are in Hawthorne, we have a cottage on a small lake between Hawthorne & Melrose. Do you sell any retail in Hawthorne or in Tampa? Thanks

  2. Tom and Jan, you can purchase our cheese and/or milk at the farmers markets or stores listed on our contact page. Another option would be to call and make an appointment to come to the farm in Hawthorne.

  3. Thank you for making us feel so welcome at your open house and for putting out such a great spread for everyone to enjoy. The cheese and milk you produce on your farm …. wonderfully delicious!! We really enjoyed our visit and look forward to visiting again at your next open house.

  4. Hi John and Nancy I have enjoyed your cheese since you started out , even before you start selling on the market buy far it is the best cheese I have ever eaten/ Keep up
    the good work. The small Dairy Farmer like your Farm is all most a thing of the past.

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