Little Brown Cow

The “little brown cow”, or maybe I should say “green”, originated on the Island of Jersey, in the English Channel over 600 years ago.  Today there are approximately 400,000 Jersey cows in the United States.

Jersey calves weigh about 55 pounds at birth and grow to about 800-1000 pounds as adult cows.  The adult bulls can weigh as much as 1500 pounds or more.  The cows mature earlier than other breeds and calve in younger, thus starting their productive lives long before the larger breeds.  They seldom have calving problems and have the highest productive longevity of all dairy breeds.  They are more adapted to the warm climate, making them perfect for us here in Florida.

Jersey milk is smooth and rich due to it’s naturally occurring high percentages of calcium, protein and milk solids.  For this reason the Jersey milk produces a higher cheese yield.

Jerseys are the most efficient dairy producers in the world.  They produce more pounds of milk per pound of body weight than any other breed.  To produce an equal amount of milk fat, protein and other milk solids, Jerseys require 32% less water, 11% less land and have a total carbon footprint that is 20%  less than that of a Holstein cow.

Remember, “Elsie the Cow”, the famous Borden, Inc. mascot, was a Jersey.

Information contained herein concerning the Jersey cow provided by The American Jersey Cattle Association.  Find them at http:/ jersey.