To say that our cheese milk is fresh is an understatement. The milk goes from the cows to the bulk tank where it is cooled to 36 degrees. Then we pump it through a stainless steel pipeline to the cheese vat next door. The milk is never transported or exposed to outside elements, thus lessening any chance of contamination. We always say “great milk makes great cheese”.

In the making of our artisan cheeses, we have never used BST or any other supplemental hormones. Our cows are only given antibiotics as a last resort if an infection of some kind occurs. We adhere strictly to drug withdrawal periods and if there is ever any doubt, we submit a sample to the lab for evaluation before the milk is allowed to be used.

Our Jersey milk is high in fat, approximately 5% most of the year, high in protein and solids. Our super clean, high quality milk makes “Great Cheese”.

We are now bottling our own milk as well. Our Cream Top milk is pasteurized the old fashioned way, never exceeding 145 degrees F. Remember to shake well before pouring. It is the sweetest tasting milk you can get.

Our Artisan Cheeses and Cream Top Milk



Magnolia Cheese (Gouda Like)
Gouda Like Cheese named Magnolia

Named for the huge white blossoms of the southern Magnolia tree, this is our  Gouda style cheese.  It is smooth and creamy with small eyes and a wonderful rich paste.  The color is all natural and slightly yellow from the Jersey milk fat.  It is great on a cheese plate, in a sandwich or melted  in a favorite receipt (recipe).


Havarti Cheese named Heart of Palm
Havarti cheese named Heart of Palm

Our Havarti style cheese was named for the pure white heart of the Cabbage or Sabal Palm, an old southern traditional food. A very creamy paste with very small eyes. This cheese is excellent alone or melted over eggs, toast, veggies or pasta. Probably our best melting cheese.




Tomme style Cheese named Loblolly
Tomme style cheese named Loblolly

Loblolly is our Tomme style artisan cheese. The rustic, earthy rind on this cheese reminds us of the coarse bark of the loblolly pine, especially when it is rich with lichens. This earthy, grayish-brown edible rinded cheese, has a semi-soft to firm paste with a nutty flavor. The consistency and flavor can vary drastically, due to time of the year and diet of the cows. A wonderful cheese any time, it can be melted over potatoes or eaten on it’s own.




Swiss style cheese named Sawgrass
Swiss style cheese named Sawgrass

The baby has been named, it is now called Sawgrass. This is one of our newer cheeses. The creamy, pale yellow paste of this young swiss is highlighted with tiny eyes and a sweet nutty flavor. It is a favorite of many who visit us at the farmer’s markets. Great alone, melted or cold in a great ham and swiss on rye.





Salty Dog Cheese
Queso Crema Seca Style cheese named Salty Dog

Another of our newer cheeses is Salty Dog. Salty Dog is a good crumbling cheese that is excellent on salads. It is also great for snacking and is particularly tasty with your favorite beer. It is reminiscent of a Spanish Queso Crema Seca Cheese with a robust flavor.





Feta Style Cheese named Flatwoods Feta
Feta cheese named Flatwoods Feta

Flatwoods is our newest artisan cheese. It is a feta style cheese
great for crumbling on salads and for cooking your favorite recipies.






By popular demand, we are now bottling our own milk. We purchased a Pasteurizer and are pasteurizing our milk the old fashioned way, it is low temperature, vat pasteurized, non-homogenized cream top milk. The raw milk is pumped into the pasteurizer from our fresh milk vat and raised to 145 degrees for 30 minutes. It is then bottled in one half gallon bottles for sale at market. You won’t find a sweeter tasting milk on the market. You need to shake the milk prior to pouring as the cream rises to the top. Enjoy!



Cream Top Milk
Cream Top Milk